NITBeeCo | 6 basic and important tips for graphic designers
27 Jan 2020
6 basic and important tips for graphic designers

Here are 6 simple design tips to keep in mind :

1- Color

Use no more than five colors in a single layout. Color should be used sparingly to highlight important information.

2- Layout

Present content in a way that guides readers through in a logical hierarchy. Aligning the elements in a layout with each other will help maintain consistency.

3- Space

Keep significant negative space. When too much information is in a layout, messaging becomes cluttered and incoherent.

4- Iconography

Icons should be simple, easy to understand and universal. Remember that they’re meant to enhance comprehension, never distract.

5- Proportion

The eye can be deceiving; make sure items are appropriately sized in data visualizations so as not to skew data.

6- Simplicity

Avoid unnecessary design, including 3D charts, ornamental illustration, or extraneous elements. Remember, too, that minimal design can also be effective—so long as you have a strong story.

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